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Kills The Leviathan, boss from Desert Treasure II!
First release
Last update
2.13 star(s) 8 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. The Leviathan Mate Trial v1.2.33 Released!

    The Leviathan Mate Trial updated to v1.2.33.
  2. The Leviathan Mate Trial v1.2.30 Released!

    The Leviathan Mate Trial updated to v1.2.30.
  3. The Leviathan Mate Trial v1.2.29 Released!

    The Leviathan Mate Trial updated to v1.2.29.

Latest reviews

having issues getting it to run. it wont enter boss and keeps flicking melee prayer
Runs great, the melee flicking is a little weird but works just fine
Works flawless for me, I have the ring which may help i guess? But I've had no issues.

Would be nice to select a special attack weapon though :).
u cant even call it a bot if it doesnt work properly...
teleports from tower to poh forth and back..
useless Trial, every time that i try to run the scrip, always crashed in restock inventory. or transversal teleport to GOTR. If you want people use the script, fix the free trial.
Same as below, got off rowboat and just spammed protect from melee and eagle eye and didnt move. Glad i tried the trial before using the paid version.
Went in, bot was praying melee and range instead of magic and range. Stopped bot and left immediately.