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The Leviathan Mate 1.2.24

Slays the serpent!

  1. Wait
    Kills The Leviathan, a boss from Desert Treasure II!

    * Perfect prayer
    * Avoids rockfalls and moves into the light orb
    * Spec switching in enrage phase
    * Banking
    * Several traversal methods (Ring of shadows, POH fairy ring, Amulet of the eye)
    * Death walking
    * Break handling

    Setup recommendation:
    * Normal phase: Highest Ranged DPS gear you have (Bowfa recommended)
    * Enrage phase: Webweaver bow for special attack
    * Small amount prayer, lots of food
    * Ring of shadows for transportation

    * Does not yet support Awakened variant


Recent Reviews

  1. YetiManBlue
    Version: 1.2.24
    Keeps getting stuck on one side, Very bot like. Cost me more gp than I made. Also want a Refund. Barely even got 3 kills in the last 2 days.
  2. DetroitMI
    Version: 1.2.24
    Obvious bot behavior, you can be the lucky few who don't get banned or manually reviewed.
  3. garp96
    Version: 1.2.24
    Got a 3 day bann dont use it
  4. old limit
    old limit
    Version: 1.2.24
    Unfortunately kept praying melee, and i just got banned from using the script, great script but Red flag sadly
  5. ImcynicalOG
    Version: 1.2.24
    will not kill Levithan gets his hp low then teles out if fixed i will change my review
  6. Nikkids02
    Version: 1.2.24
    Damn near perfect i think a little too perfect i used with thralls for like 300 kills. Usually an hour at a time i got banned in like 3 days. great script though lol
  7. Botted
    Version: 1.2.23
    This bot is perfect got me all uniques and 99 range. ONE OF THE BEST BOTS on this site and very stable no need to babysit
  8. iallei
    Version: 1.2.23
    I haven't run this a ton, but it works impressively well. The prayer only option let's you do leviathan light kills, which is cool.

    I don't feel like I can give 5 stars quite yet though. As others said, it does miss some prayer flicks, even with stable sub-20 ping. Maybe having an option to stun the boss once when it hits max attack speed to slow it down?
  9. EpicSG
    Version: 1.2.23
    Works great! but will randomly tele out with a full invin of food and 4 prayer pots and not finish kills. not sure if its user error.
  10. Thuggedout12
    Version: 1.2.23
    Great one when will awakened be supported ?