ThunderFighter 1.4.0

AIO Fighting script. Easily start killing monsters near you. Can last forever with regenerating!

  1. Thunderkill
    Easy to set up, yet vastly customizable AIO fighting script bot for all your needs!

    • Supports RS3 and OSRS
    • Attack all enemies or specific.
    • Eat any food on inventory, or specific.
    • Looting support, with option to loot ALL rares.
    • Burying support. Bury all or specific bones/ashes
    • Stop at certain level, after X times has passed and many more options!
    • Use 'Regenerate' ability to last forever on some enemies!

    Coming soon
    • Prayer support.
    • Advanced potion usage
    • Deathwalk
    • Record bank paths.
    • Task system

    • V1.0.0 Inital release
    • V1.1.0 Lots of bugfixes and speed improvements. Stopping settings.
    • V1.2.0 OSRS and Burying support
    • V1.3.0 Crash on level up fixed, looting fixed and added Dynamic Paint settings
    • V1.3.1 Weird GUI bug fixed

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Recent Reviews

  1. Nobiuz
    Version: 1.4.0
    Really good bot, Only thing I would like to have is the opportunity to choose in what hp range to eat the food! Otherwise, really, really good bot.