Velox Abyss 0.8.6

Crafts Runes in the Abyss

  1. Dibes
    Velox Abyss - Crafts Runes in the Abyss

    This is a beta run of my Abyss Runecrafter to get bugs and other things I didn't catch on internal testing. Enjoy :D.

    • Craft ANY rune at the Abyss
    • Go through any obstacle
    • Multi-Item Support
      • Supports Glories and Demonic Skull. If you run out of glories it will default to using lodestone for teleporting.
    • Pouch Support up to Giant pouch
      • Will add and fill pouches up to Giant pouch. I haven't added the Massive Pouch yet
    • Familiar Support
      • Supports all Abyss Familiars
    • [BETA] Anti-PK logic
      • Will attempt to detect if there is a PKer camping abyss mage and go back to bank and world hop
      • Currently disabled until I rework it to actually be useful :).

    • Access to the abyss
    • Essence in the bank
    • Sarted close to or preferably at edgeville.
    • SUGGESTION: Put your preset in slot 1 and only do inventory not item or familiar setup!!
    • Wilderness warning turned off
    • Version: 0.8.1
      • [​IMG]
      • [​IMG] (same run)
      • Setup:
        • Running Nature Runes
        • Using glories
        • Only doing Mining, Firemaking, and Woodcutting obstacles.
        • No Familiar
        • Using medium and large pouches.
        • Note: Still running :)

    First 99 with Velox Abyss! Congrats to @Munchise!

Recent Reviews

  1. notplox15
    Version: 0.8.6
    works fine other than when strange rocks appear. also, could you maybe make the bot spam click the obstacle to decrease chance of dying?