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Vorkath Mate Trial 1.5.3

Vorki is just around the corner.

  1. Defeat3d
    Attention all Oldschool Runescape players! Are you tired of struggling to defeat Vorkath? Are you looking for a completely automated and efficient way to take down this formidable boss? Look no further! Introducing Vorkath Mate - the ultimate bot for automating the killing of Vorkath.

    Try Vorkath Mate for free today with our one-hour trial! You can run the bot for up to an hour every three days, giving you plenty of time to experience its powerful features and see how it can take your Vorkath kills to the next level. Don't miss out on this opportunity to try the ultimate Vorkath-killing bot.

    Vorkath Mate is designed to be as efficient as possible, leaving no game ticks wasted. With the extensive list of features below, you'll be able to take down Vorkath like never before!
    • Woox walking: Vorkath Mate utilizes the advanced technique of Woox walking to increase the damage dealt to Vorkath, even with crossbows.
    • Responsive acid evasion: Vorkath Mate calculates an acid-free path before the acid even lands, ensuring that you can avoid it with ease. In addition, the bot's lag compensation mode compensates for latency during acid phases to make sure you don't take damage.
    • Responsive Zombified Spawn handling: Vorkath Mate is fully prepared to kill the spawn by predicting its landing spot, making sure you're always one step ahead of the game.
    • Smart firebomb dodging: Vorkath Mate keeps you within attack range while also keeping you outside of melee distance when using ranged, making sure you can deal damage safely.
    • Equipment agnostic: Bring any equipment you like! Vorkath Mate is designed to work with any gear you choose to bring, whether you prefer ranged or melee combat.
    • Wide range of banking, restoration and traversal options: Vorkath Mate offers a variety of options to help you get to and from Vorkath quickly and easily. From Lunar Isle to Player-owned house to Waterbirth Island to Fremennik sea boots 4 to Ferox Enclave to Castle Wars, we've got you covered.
    • Death handling: Vorkath Mate retrieves your items after death and continues where it left off, saving you time and frustration.
    • Special attacks: Vorkath Mate can use special attacks to weaken or damage Vorkath, giving you an even greater advantage in battle.
    • Venom reduction: Vorkath Mate supports all forms of venom reducing potions, including Antipoison, Superantipoison, Antidote+ and Antidote++.
    • Food juggling: Vorkath Mate intelligently drops excess food to avoid wastage and picks it back up later if needed, ensuring that you never run out of food during your Vorkath trips.
    • High Level Alchemy: Vorkath Mate uses High Level Alchemy on suitable loot, giving extra inventory space for longer trips.
    • Slayer staff: Vorkath Mate can autocast Crumble Undead using a Slayer staff.
    • Dragon Slayer II: Vorkath Mate can kill the quest version of Vorkath.

    With Vorkath Mate, you can complete combat achievements such as "Vorkath Speed-Runner", "The Fremennik Way", "The Walk" and "Dodging the Dragon". Try Vorkath Mate today and experience the difference for yourself. Happy hunting!

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Recent Reviews

  1. Carver13
    Version: 1.2.1
    Jesus christ this works so well that it's honestly ridiculous. Prefer this to the full as 0.22 an hour is a large price. But my god this is flawless.

    Cannot speak for it's ban rate as of yet but wow, its amazing that this can be coded so well, and yet simply woodcutting bots fail all the time.