Wilderness Tasks 1.0

20k exp lamp in under 20 minutes

  1. Aria
    Does the Easy Wilderness tasks on one account in order to get 20k exp in any skill above 30 and an unlimited one click teleport to Edgeville!

    Note that this bot is restricted to one use per account. I've extensively tested this bot on my botfarm to ensure its stability, but strange errors may happen due to the client and/or account configurations. If you crash/an error happens while this bot is running, your session will be saved and you will be able to resume doing the tasks on another version of the bot that will check if you have an unfinished session.
    The bot that will allow you to continue an unfinished session can be found here: Continue Wilderness Tasks

    It appears this bot does not work on ironmen accounts.
    This bot is meant for use by people preparing large goldfarms for certain bots, like @RobinPC's Abyss Crafter Pro, @Qosmiof2's Quality Divination AIO, @awesome123man's Awesome Cursed, my private Cursed Wisp bot, or simply any bot which benefits from the one-click teleport that the Wilderness Sword 1 gives you or the 20k exp usable on any skill above level 30.

    The 20k exp lamp saves me 3-4 hours of leveling on each of my bots. Recommended usage of the lamps:
    -Constitution from 30-38, allowing cursed energy bots to avoid being one shot by an obby maul
    -Divination from 30-38 to save a couple hours of leveling

    The bot does tasks in the order:
    Get Skulled by Mr Ex
    View death list
    Enter Wilderness
    Enter Chaos Tunnels
    Unlock Wilderness Lodestone
    Offer bones at Chaos Temple
    Bank at Chaos Temple
    Go to switches and get a score of 10
    Offer 50 memories to the cursed wisp rift
    Navigate back to Edgeville and talk to Mr Ex to get the sword and two lamps

    Instructions for use:

    Start this bot in Edgeville while logged in on the account you want the tasks to be done on.
    You should be in fixed size legacy mode. This bot will probably work even if you aren't in fixed size legacy mode, but fixed size legacy mode is what I use on my botfarm.
    You should have no items equipped or in your inventory, since one of the tasks involves getting skulled.

    What to do if the bot breaks:

    -Don't run the bot multiple times if it breaks. A code is automatically generated for you if the bot crashes/glitches that allows you to run another version of the bot for free on that character.
    The bot that will allow you to continue an unfinished session can be found here: Continue Wilderness Tasks
    -Thoroughly describe what happened when the bot broke, including how many tasks you've completed.
    -Take a screenshot of the client when the bot broke.

Recent Reviews

  1. auxi
    Version: 1.0
    I loved it. Did all tasks flawlessly for me. I have nothing else to say.
  2. Cloud
    Version: 1.0
    First of all let me state that it does do exactly what it advertises. It's able to complete all of the easy tasks and if it dies for whatever reason it just keeps on working towards completing the easy wilderness task set, and the reward is well worth it.

    Now for the reasons I gave it a 3.5 star rating).
    [*] Although I understand the desire to avoid having a user trigger the same exception multiple times, it should simply switch to another task and try and complete teh crashed test again later on.
    [*] The bot has no status indivcator to let you know which task it's working on, how many tasks are completed, how many are total in the set (so basically 'Completed x/y tasks in the task set z), what it's trying to do (is it trying to walk or click an object?), etc.
    [*] In addition to the x/y tasks in set z complete message indicator, it should give the current status of the current task along with the length of time it's been trying to complete that specific task.
    [*] The navigation graph can easily get you to Edgeville as long as ta lodestone is unlocked, which the bot depended on heavily anyways Why not let it get there by itself?
    [*]requiring fixed sized legacy mode is just silly. (f it's necessary, at least detect it and send an alert saying what needs to be changed,
    [*] The ordering of the tasks leaves something to be desired, I would try and either work my way from the back to the front or make a U or Circular shape to get to the tasks.
    [*] Once you talk to Simon and get the rewards, send an alert and then stop the bot. Otherwise you may not notice that it finished without any progress indicators.

    I know I picked out a list of flaws, but it's exactly the type of supporter bot we need to help younger accounts meet the requirements of higher level (often premium) bots. I was even considering right something similar myself, so thank you for saving me plenty of time.