Wrath Rune Runecrafter 1.0.8

Wrath Rune Runecrafting

  1. michael5555
    Crafts wrath runes for the best possible money per hour (1.5m+/hr) while runecrafting!

    • Pure or Daeyalt essence
    • 95 Runecrafting
    • Mythical cape (Dragon Slayer 2)
    • 67 Magic
    • Lunar magics and lunar spellbook enabled
    • Runes for NPC contact inside the bank (NOT IN A RUNE POUCH)
    • Wraith/Catalytic tiara or binded to your hat of the eye
    • Gear up to start your run. Don't forget your anti fire shield (DFS is better if you have it)
    • Setup your bank with the necessary items in the default tab. This will minimise the time spent banking
    • Start with ess pouches in your inventory before starting the bot.
    • Banking method - if you do not have the required item, it will always default to using myth guild to bank as you should always have the mythical cape
    • Energy restoration method - will attempt to restore your run energy with this if you have the items
    • Food to heal with - heals to full from dragon attacks
    • Use daeyalt essence - if we have any daeyalt essence we will use it instead of pure essence
    • Use shift drop to empty - for users who are not on runelite you can shift empty pouches. If you are on runelite I recommend using the menu entry swapper to change the default left click while in bank to be fill and empty outside of bank
    • Break handler - configure if you would like to take breaks. All breaks are safe and occur at your banking location

    • Desert amulet 4 energy restoration
    • Crafting cape banking method (incl. max cape support)
    • Max cape POH support for energy restoration
    • Achievement cape banking method
    If you have any of the above requirements, willing to allow me to login and would like to see these as a feature on the bot, please contact me!