Z Quester 0.0.1

Does a few intro level quests, such as Priest in Peril + Gertrudes Cat.

  1. Zasz
    Now botting doesn't have to be about the skills
    The bot automatically has suggestions for each quest for layout, but for readibility + your experience with the bot, I will include a little fine tuned setup here.

    You have the ability to queue quests! Once you send a quest to the queue, you can select the main quest tab to add the next quest, or even edit a queued quest! Just make sure to have the quest items for the next quest in bank, or inventory if makes sense.

    Example for multi-questing without needing to bank : The Restless Ghost = 5 free spots needed, Gertrudes cat = 3 free slots needed, so you could have Gertrudes Cat's Bucket of Milk + sardine in the inventory for after The Restless Ghost completes)

    For an extensive quest list (queuing many quests that need to bank): That is fine, example. Have Gertrudes cat items in bank, queue The Restless Ghost + Gertrudes Cat. The bot will go to the bank to get the items :)

    Currently Supported Quests:
    • The Restless Ghost
    - Nothing

    - Keep all stages the same, start the bot anywhere in RS3. For a speedy quest, have 5 + free spots in the the inventory.

    • Gertrudes Cat (Members)
    - Items listed in the bots required item list.
    - Varrock lodestone unlocked

    - Keep all stages the same, start the bot anywhere in RS3. For a speedy quest, have 3 + free spots in the the inventory or have the items required in inventory.
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Recent Reviews

  1. tjwetzel
    Version: 0.0.1
    Super interesting! Glitchy as predicted for a v0.0.1 quester bot that could have a lot of unwanted variables in game, but for sure something I'd start and then watch every couple minutes to make sure it's doing its job. Would LOVE to see this continue to be updated :)
  2. random scaper
    random scaper
    Version: 0.0.1
    was working till it walked me to the corner of the ge and got my character stuck there.
  3. Pierce MFG
    Pierce MFG
    Version: 0.0.1
    Awesome just need to keep it up to date and active!