Zeah Crabber Multibot FREE 5.0.1

Earn $$ and XP in multiple skill

  1. Corby
    Functions the same as the Premium version but defaults to anti-ban break handling (if selected) after 15 minutes. If no break handling is selected bot shuts off after 15 minutes instead.

    Welcome to my Sand Crabs bot! This is my own personal script bot that I am writing for myself to create starter pures to sell on PlayerAuctions.com where I have over 3,100 feedback across 7 years of trading. If you want proof my bot works, check out what my shop has listed! That being said I am still improving the bot daily so as with all bots use with caution and bot responsibly.

    * When starting the bot make sure to start it anywhere on Zeah with the food you want to use/get from the bank in the inventory and a weapon equipped.

    * Please use demo FREE version to figure out how to use the interface before upgrading to the paid version.

    * Hotspot Playstyle: Bot will find a location in the area with at least 2 crabs near it and camp there simulating semi-afk training.

    * Active Playstyle: Bot will attack any crabs that are available. Will not attack other peoples crabs.

    * Backup Food List: While the bot supports literally every type of food in the game. If there is no more food from the original SmartBank detection (details below) in the bank. The bot will automatically look for the following food before giving up and logging out:

    • Wild Pie
    • Lobster
    • Monkfish
    • Salmon
    • Trout
    • Bass
    • Tuna
    • Rainbowfish
    • Pike.

    Which one in the list above is chosen at random when the need occurs.

    * Ammunition Retrieval: Will loot all variants of darts/knifes/bolts/arrows.

    * Get Ammo from the bank: Will get all variants of ammo from the bank (or collection box) when out.

    * Upgrade to Mithril tier ammo on level: Will upgrade darts until it hits mithril tier ammo. WORK IN PROGRESS

    * Mouse Overlay: Mouse cursor displays a blue dot with red/yellow/orange trail. Do not use on more than 1 account a time.

    Break Handling
    Set your desired Play Length, Break Length, Skill length, and Sleep length. Exact length will be +/- 25% of the time selected.

    The bot is set on a 3 phase Cycle with a 4th Sleep phase after 15-17 hours. Each phase can be disabled and if a phase is not enabled it will simply be skipped. It is advised to run (or manually perform to save $ in your RuneMate wallet) the Break and Sleep phases if you plan to run the bot longer than 48 hours with no other training or playing the acc etc in-between.

    * Phase 1 Fight Crabs: Bot will fight crabs for the time specified. This phase cannot be disabled.

    * Phase 2 Skilling Breaks: If selected, after fighting crabs , but before logging out, the bot will take a skilling break for the time specified. Additional play hours may cause the bot to look suspicious if run for long periods of time. So be sure to manage your Fighting Crabs Play Time accordingly if using skilling breaks.

    * Phase 3 Logout Breaks: Bot will log out after fighting crabs & skilling for this long.

    At the end of this 3 phase cycle. New values will be selected. The location to fight crabs will change if multiple were selected. Each phase will have its exact run times re-randomized by +/- 25% of time selected. If multiple skilling options were selected a different one may be used for the skilling phase.

    * Sleep Breaks: If selected, bot will "Sleep" for this long once per 24 hours. Specifically towards the end of those 24 hours.

    Supports both Strength and Range potions.

    Alias Management
    * Use 2 Aliases: Bot will switch between 2 Aliases every 5-8 hours. Select which one from the drop-down menue.
    * Switch Alias NOW: Bot will shortcut the timer, run to the bank, log out, and switch Aliases

    Allows users to select multiple locations to kill crabs. It will randomly select ONE at the start, and will pick another location when it gets back from taking a log out break. If using Crab Claw Island and the bank runs out of GP the bot will seamlessly transition to another area if one was selected. If not it will shut off.

    * Locations Available:

    • South Zeah
      • South-West Zeah
    • East Zeah
    • Crab Claw Island
    • Crab Claw Cave

    PlayerSense: Uses playersense values wherever possible to ensure each use has unique variances and playstyles.

    * SmartCombat: Will not fight other peoples crabs or crash their camping spot.

    * SmartPathing: Recognizes when players are near our desired location before we get there.

    * SmartSpots: Recognizes when a better hotspot is available (3+ crabs instead of 2).

    * SmartBanking: Will look to your inventory at bot start for what food to withdraw from the bank.

    * Crash Awareness: Will hop worlds or find a new location to camp at if another player crashes our spot.

    * Crab Re-Aggro: The time it takes to register we have lost aggro is different between Active/Hotspot playstyles.

    * Target Levels: Will log out if any of our levels reach our target.

    * Fletching Breaks: Fletch logs on your break! Supports both Fletching of logs into (u) bows and stringing (u) bows. If both options are selected it will default to fletching (u) bows out of logs first and then string them when the bank is out of logs. If users are lower than 25 fletching for Oak Longbows, the bot will fletch regular Logs into arrow shafts until it hits 25 fletching for oak longbows then switch to start fletching oak longbows. This takes approx 1.7k logs.

    * Glassblowing Breaks: Blow glass for crafting levels on your break!

    * Herblore Breaks: create potions on your break! Unf potions with secondaries to finished potions only.

    * Woodcutting Breaks: Cut logs on your break! Unique woodcutting locations near each of the 3 bank locations available while killing crabs.

    * Fletch: Fletch the logs you cut into longbows. If a user is cutting regular trees for logs, they will be fletched into arrow shafts.
    * Drop: Drop the logs (or longbows) on the ground when the inventory is full. Has over 15 human like drop patterns programmed. Which one each acc uses is PlayerSensed.
    * Bank: Bank the logs (or longbows) when the inventory is full.
    * SmartWoodcutting: Want to chop Yews but dont have the level yet? Select em anyway! The bot will figure out the next best tree you can chop until you get the right level.

Recent Reviews

  1. biggsta789
    Version: 4.3.2
    Works great for me, could maybe have more pot options but works good!