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Zulrah Mate Trial 1.0.16

The snake charmer.

  1. Defeat3d

    Kills Zulrah for massive rewards!

    Key features:
    • Perfect positioning to deal the most and take the least damage
    • Orb walking to maximize damage while moving around
    • One tick prayers or normal prayers
    • Intelligent eating behavior
    • Reduces venom using Cure Me, any antipoison or any antivenom
    • Hybrid or ranged only playstyle
    • Autocasts regular, ancient and arceuus combat spells
    • Support for all magic and ranged equipment
    • Recharges your powered staff
    • Summons thralls for that extra damage boost
    • Utilizes your rune pouch - or not, if you don't have or need one
    • Multiple traversal methods - Zul-andra teleport, POH fairy ring, Monastery fairy ring and Legend's guild fairy ring
    • Multiple banking locations
    • Restores your stats at your POH or at Ferox enclave
    • Death handling - recovers your items and continues
    • Break and stop handling
    • Automatically saves your settings for the next sessions thanks to DefaultUI
    Use the wiki to optimize your setup: Zulrah/Strategies

    Need more help? Join the RuneMate discord for the quickest support.

Recent Reviews

  1. notpx
    Version: 1.0.1
    adds necessary features that were missing from the other zulrah bot like cure me and poh to ferox. good bot.