OSRS 07 Runecrafter

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by Phingers, Jan 8, 2015.

  1. Specifically one that runs law runes using air balloon and can do other upper runecrafting altar runs. =)
  2. it would be great to have one but i think it should be payed for so it does not crash rune prices
  3. Yeah I guess, tho atm merchers are pretty much fucking everything up price wise. But thats why i also preferred the bot to be for high level altars. But yeah up to scripter.
  4. yeah well after i make my fighter and stuff i might do it but it will make it payed or vip or what it is so there is not so many lechs
  5. I plan to make my runecrafter support both OS and RS3, but I reckon it may be a fair while I move onto that project.
  6. @GOD , @SlashnHax Sound great guys, I plan on rcing legit to 91 (2x Nats). Then waiting for one to come out to nat run to 99.
  7. RC is good money at 44 and GREAT money at 91, would love to have a bot that does it. Even if it's just natures

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