RS3 1 Def. Account for Sale (One 99)

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    Jan 31, 2016
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    Looking to sell my RS3 account.

    Total level is over 1200... Absolutely no infractions/mutes/anything in history on the account... Has Chaotic Maul and Rapier as well as Gravite Rapier and 2H. Only has about 750k worth of items/gold on it.

    Kind of an oddball account for RS3... I loved playing it until EoC came out and they decided to take it with them lol.
    Would be a great account for someone looking for a pure/main in RS3 though...

    Anyways, any input on value would be appreciated!

    P.S. Account also has a 3 character in-game-name... Idk if that really helps the value as some people would like to change it immediately anyways.

    Trade will be done with staff MM unless you're trusted, in which case I'll go first with no issues.

    20M OSRS Gold OBO! Cheers.
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