OSRS 100K per hour money method 0 requirements

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  1. Here with a new guide on making 100k per hour with no requirements! Very simple and can be done with a bot.

    Step 1: Find the cows by Lumbridge. They are across from the chickens and lots of peole are there.
    Step 2: Pick up the raw beef dropped by the other player's cow kills.
    Step 3: Bank at Al Kharid and repeat (10 gold fee)

    Hope this helps I made 500k in 5 hours with this method.
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  2. Wow. No one has heard of this tactic before...
  3. 1m/10 hours is pretty slow.
  4. its slow, but its steady i guess.
  5. Is there a bot that easily does this?
  6. any combat bot should be able to do this
  7. buy flax for 10-11 gp each, spin it and sell the BS fro around 170-200gp each... big profit!
  8. well, the script bot i use, seems to spin around 1100-1200 flax a hour... that if some fucker aint opening and closing the door at lumbridge lol
  9. so you assume about 160 gp * 1150 flax = 184k an hour... not bad as long as you don't banned in the first day or so of botting. Also this assumes that you only sell it for 160 gp and not a higher amount!
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  10. i ain't yet been banned.. and been doing it for about 3 weeks now its gotten me from 10-72 crafting in that time lol
  11. wow. ok. this is tempting... how many hours do you run it each day?
  12. i just buy 15k flax and let it run until its spun it all, then repeat
  13. so about 10 -12 hours not bad
  14. A couple of days ago I setup a combat bot to kill cows and loot the hides, because there a couple of other players killing cows but not looting the hides, the bot was just looting hides and banking, didn't last very long as it ruins the combat XP. If you want an easy and sustainable method to bot F2P, cow hides are your best bet. Make sure to get 7 quest points before botting, have a separate account to mule all of the hides onto and then use account to tan the hides using another bot. Selling tanned leather instead of cowhides massively increases your profit and it only costs 1gp/per hide to tan them. Just additional time.
    Ridiculously slow, but it's a stable method

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