RS3 16m exp - 1500 levels - 286m in 2 Weeks from scratch!

Discussion in 'Screenshots' started by Jesse, Apr 26, 2015.

  1. I am the king of Runemate.

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  2. How the heck did you get all these stats, and that within 2 weeks? I'm sorry for asking like this, but I'm just a noob lol:p
  3. i call, bullshit
  4. In 2 Weeks! Thats Insane, You Must Botted 24/7 Right ? xD
  5. Doing great mate
  6. botted 20 hours a day so;

    20 x 7 = 140

    - 20 hours for questing - farming - construction and flipping on G.e

    So these stats were botted in 120 hours.
  7. So you were averaging 136k xp/hr, thats not impossible :)
  8. They're obviously not exact, it's a rough estimate, counting in bonus exp and other facts would change it
  9. I think this is impressive but I'm really convinced this is bullshit. You didn't find the time to bot those stats and make 260+m in 2 weeks from scratch. Pixie FDK is the best public money maker on the site and I bot it 24/7 with a maxed account and only pull about 39m/day. there is no way you were able to level all those stats, especially ones that cost you money, and make 260m in 2 weeks from nothing. I call BS.
  10. Cool. As I said I am the king of runemate. You may not know me go back and check out all my other progress shots. They are all similar and are as impressive.


    Fucking lol at the 260m

    260m is fucking nothing!

    You can easily make 100m a day flipping if you know your shit.

    so theoretically I can have the money for maxed prayer and maxed herblore after a week
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  11. what does flipping have to do with botting progress though?
  12. Didn't know flipping was in play, then I think this is pretty believable since those stats are still relatively low xp wise. Good job with the acc :)
  13. He called BS on my money making skills.
  14. Any tips on botting Livid Farm? I need 88-99 Farming still..
  15. I'd say go to aquanites instead, 70k+ exp/h.
  16. Interesting, I will look into that.

    I'm going to need to do some Livid Farm though, as I need all points for the Completionist cape.
  17. Its hard to make 100m in a day with nothing, it takes alot of money to make alot of money with flipping.
  18. this is true
  19. Nice to here!
  20. Mate. I couldn't careless if you believe me or not seems like you're just butt hurt. Go check out all the flipping pages and you will realise it is easily possible to make 100m+ a day. Obviously not from day 1 but all you need is 1-2m and you can easily turn that in 30-40 in a day then that 30-40 to 80-100 so on.

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