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  1. 1 client bug- auto update wont 2nd client of the bot will just at random stop working at some time dont know the reason since the last couple updates it scipt working but client stops the bot left loged on
  2. Would really help if you took the time to explain yourself better. I get that English likely isn't your first language but that's very hard to understand.

    Break it up like:
    1. Bug #1 - this problem xxxxx.
    2. Bug #2 - this problem yyyyy.

    Also attach logs from C:/Users/YourUser/RuneMate/logs

  3. I was experiencing the same thing man, i would click on the runemate icon, and the auto updater would appear and then nothing. i waited about 10 minutes and the client started. you just gotta be patient
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  4. thats 1
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    so 2nd one first bot thats loaded up and plays is fine then,. as soon as the 2nd one is up and left for a while it just stops and stands still but script bot is still running
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    yeh still need help with this

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