RS3 2 weeks using Runemate (stats pic)

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  1. 10 hours a day (minus a bit because of a fair bit of crashing, till the recent update @Cloud thanks)

    these stats +75m + did 35 quests, that took a fair bit of time

    Stats blurred are below 30 so meh #nofucksgiven

  2. Nice, what would be great is mini-guides to what script bot you used to level skills and how you did it :)
  3. Happy to help what skill would you like a guide for?
  4. Mainly combat training methods *(inc ranged/magic)
  5. from 7-99 use Hax magic enchanting, that's what I make all my profit from


    1-35 troll sharman
    35-60 - lesser demons in Karamanja dungeon, you can bot it or one click every monster and wait for "the reaper" to kill them, you still get the exp
    60-70 aberrant spectres
    70-99 rorarri

    gotta go out for New Years eve, PM for for indepth, I'm currently drunk cbf right now
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  6. Cheers, I'll need some more in depth on the magic training, have a good one!
  7. 1-27 Troll sharman, should take about 20-30 mins with air bolt with an air staff, loot all gold charms

    27-57 - make rings of duelling with enchant level 2, should make around 2mil profit

    57-99 - Make phoenix necklaces or Forinthry bracelet with level 4 enchant, this should make you around 300m+ once you reach 99

    Profits change often so look everyday to find out what item is the best to make
  8. Although troll brutes and troll chuckers drop gold charms for free players, troll shamans do not.

    Not sure if they drop for P2P but I'm currently F2P and no drops

    Went to enchant some rings, p2p only :( lol
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  9. use my guide in the guide section to get f2p to p2p in 48 hours.

    Anyone of the trolls it doesn't matter they have 50 HP you one hit them at lvl 1.

    Seriously man use your brain....
  10. Might just help to give good advice when you're trying to type down a quick guide, y'know, being accurate helps quite a bit.
  11. Im hungover it's fucking new years, just be appreciative I even wrote something, not hard to find the info, watch youtube videos, do research don't be so bloody lazy mate.
  12. You must be a pleasure to be around IRL.
  13. Oh I am, I work 3 jobs, full support myself. You can understand why I have no patience for some ungrateful snub nose cunt that is too lazy too even use google
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  14. Sounds like necking yourself will fix some of your problems, go try it :)
  15. There is no need to tell him to kill himself because he believes you should do some of your own research after he pointed you in the right direction.
  16. Or people can just give correct info when they're writing up a guide, if you're going to post at least do it properly, If I had to go research it myself then the guide is 100% useless.

    But I guess people just like getting angry for being told they're wrong, You might as well close this thread since OP started filling it with shit.
  17. \
    1. I'm right appreciative I even wrote something I had better shit to do
    3. Are you 15? Most likely, where the fuck do think I get all my info from, google and youtube videos. I find no point in wasting my time regurgitating information to an ungrateful piece of shit like you.
  18. Ahaha, read your own posts buddy, you're just a garbage person, You started shit talking out of nowhere because your life is crap. You might need to take a step back and calm down. You have such a hard time having a civil conversation, you seem like you're the 15 year old tbh.

    Thank god for the ignore feature, because I'm done with you and your retard attitude buddy. You might need some professional help, not trying to troll, but please consider it.
  19. I said to use your brain, AKA common sense then you come back with smart allick comment of course i'm going to tell you to go fuck yourself. Come back and talk to me when you work 3 jobs and have your own house at 18 SMD you piece of shit, oxygen thief.

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