Tutorial [2022] Setting up IntelliJ

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    UP TO DATE EDITED 2022-02-25​
    • Either click here or search 'intellij' on Google (and select the first result) in order to download IntelliJ. On the download page, select the Community Edition.

    • When the IntelliJ download is finished, you can go ahead and install it - no special configuration is needed here.

    • The 'Customize Idea' screen will show up. Select any options you want, or alternatively, click 'Skip All and Set Defaults'

    • Select "Create New Project"

    • In the "New project" window, you'll need to pick the project SDK.
      1. Click on the project SDK bar and select the option "Download JDK".
      2. In the "Download JDK" window, click on the vendor bar and select "Amazon Corretto".
      3. Click on the version bar and select "11.0.14" then click the download button.
      4. Click "Next", and keep doing so until you reach the "Project name" textbox. I called my project Runemate, but you can call it whatever you want.

    • Press "Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S" to open the project structure.
      1. In project setting select "Modules".
      2. Click on the "Dependencies" tab.
      3. On the left side of the panel click the + button and select "JARs or directories"
      4. With RuneMate installed you can find the dependencies under
      Code (Text):
      1. C:\Program Files\RuneMate\RuneMate.jar
      2. C:\Users\{user}\RuneMate\resources\runemate-game-api.jar
      You can use the Standalone but you will need to manually update the dependencies.
      5. Click on the "OK" button.

    • On the main IntelliJ window, select Run -> Edit Configurations.

    • On the dialogue which appears, click the "+" button, and select "Application"
      1. In the "Name" field choose the name you want. Mine is "Launch".
      2. In the "Main class" field copy paste
      Code (Text):
      1. com.runemate.client.boot.Boot
      3. In the "Program arguments" field copy and paste.
      Code (Text):
      1. --dev
      4. In the "Environment variables" field. Replace Username to your username and Password to your password.
      Code (Text):
      5. Click the "OK" button.

    • If the project sidebar is not open press "Alt+1".
      1. Right click the "src" folder --> New --> Package
      2. Name your package as follow "com.username.scripts" (Replace "username" by your username)
      3. Right click the project bar then Compact Middle Packages.
      4. Right click the "scripts" folder --> New --> Package. Name the package "test".

    • In the new package name "test" create a Java Class named "test" and a new file named "test.manifest.xml".

    • In the Java Class copy and paste this code. (Replace username to your username)
      Code (Text):
      2. package com.username.scripts.test;
      4. import com.runemate.game.api.script.framework.LoopingBot;
      6. public class test extends LoopingBot {
      7.     @Override
      8.     public void onLoop() {
      10.     }
      11. }

    • In the xml file copy and paste this code. (Replace username to your username.)
      For a full manifest click here.
      Code (Text):
      1. <manifest>
      2.     <main-class>com.username.scripts.test.test</main-class>
      3.     <name>Test</name>
      4.     <description>This is a test.</description>
      5.     <version>0.0.1</version>
      6.     <compatibility>
      7.         <game>OSRS</game>
      8.     </compatibility>
      9.     <categories>
      10.         <category>COOKING</category>
      11.     </categories>
      12. </manifest>
    • You're now ready to run for the first time. Press the green play button on the top right of the IDE or you can use the shortcut "Shift+F10".

    • Now that RuneMate is launched and that you are logged in press "Ctrl+P".
      1. In the development section click on "Change"
      2. Go in your project folder --> out --> production --> Runemate and click "Select folder" (Make sure to select the folder above the "com" folder)

    • You should now be able to see the "Test" bot in the "BOTS" section.
    If you have any question comment it down below or join the Runemate Discord.
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    On run/debug configuration it says "Warning: Class 'com.runemate.boot.Boot ' not found in module 'Runemate'"

    and then when building and running it says "
    Error: Could not find or load main class com.runemate.boot.Boot

    Process finished with exit code 1"

    EDIT: I was able to resolve it by changing JRE in IntelliJ to default "of ruemate module" and checking include dependencies with "provided" scope
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    Thanks for this updated guide, I had a couple of issues I will note her:

    - On first run the ''test class'' did not extend a bot/script bot. Adding ''extends LoopingBot" and extendingthe onLoop functionality made that work.
    - The JRE from Amazon for me is 64 bit. I could not figure out how to get it to 32 bit. In the end, instead of downloading a new JREI went into the run/debug configurations settings and changed the location to the RuneMate JRE which was already on this PC. This resolved this issue.

    Kind Regards,

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  4. Voomeup

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    Hi, thanks for the guide!
    I'm still getting:

    Error: Could not find or load main class com.runemate.boot.Boot
    Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javafx/application/Application
  5. BTDubsy

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    Hi, I got to the end and I have two things. One, the username and password when the client opens are both "username", im not sure if thats supposed to be like that. But I logged in anyway and went to my account and when trying to find the local bot directory I went to out then production and then Runemate but there was no "com" file anywhere and when trying to set the file to Runemate there was only the dev toolkit under the bots section.
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  6. Clinical

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    Thank you very much for putting this together, it was super helpful.

    If anyone sees the error message
    Code (Text):
    1. com.username.scripts.test.test is not an instance of AbstractBot
    Then you need to do the above like Finalmen pointed out, and modify the class to be:
    Code (Text):
    1. package com.username.scripts.test;
    3. import com.runemate.game.api.script.framework.LoopingBot;
    5. public class test extends LoopingBot {
    6.     @Override
    7.     public void onLoop() {
    9.     }
    10. }
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  7. Tiagoo

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    Where is it the local bot directory in my account? I could't find it
  8. Chewie69

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    local script bot isn't showing up after set local folder
    --- Double Post Merged, Nov 10, 2020, Original Post Date: Nov 10, 2020 ---
    the out > production > *bot name* folder is also empty
  9. Fump

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    No when the client opens it should have your correct username and password not sure where you missed it, perhaps in the run edit configurations part. The com file should be there you may have to hit the build project button next to the run button in intellij in order to create the files. Also the
    <main-class> in the XML should point to the same location. Also Clinical has a solution to the Abstract Bot error. If you get it you have to stop and rerun.
  10. Ewannnnn

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    I'm trying to set this up on Ubuntu 20.04 and I'm getting the following error whenever I run the bot:

    Code (Text):
    1. Exception in thread "main" java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException
    2.     at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
    3.     at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(NativeMethodAccessorImpl.java:62)
    4.     at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.java:43)
    5.     at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Method.java:498)
    6.     at sun.launcher.LauncherHelper$FXHelper.main(LauncherHelper.java:873)
    7. Caused by: java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: Internal Error
    8.     at com.sun.glass.ui.gtk.GtkApplication.lambda$new$5(GtkApplication.java:158)
    9.     at java.security.AccessController.doPrivileged(Native Method)
    10.     at com.sun.glass.ui.gtk.GtkApplication.<init>(GtkApplication.java:140)
    11.     at com.sun.glass.ui.gtk.GtkPlatformFactory.createApplication(GtkPlatformFactory.java:41)
    12.     at com.sun.glass.ui.Application.run(Application.java:146)
    13.     at com.sun.javafx.tk.quantum.QuantumToolkit.startup(QuantumToolkit.java:278)
    14.     at com.sun.javafx.application.PlatformImpl.startup(PlatformImpl.java:211)
    15.     at com.sun.javafx.application.LauncherImpl.startToolkit(LauncherImpl.java:675)
    16.     at com.sun.javafx.application.LauncherImpl.launchApplicationWithArgs(LauncherImpl.java:337)
    17.     at com.sun.javafx.application.LauncherImpl.launchApplication(LauncherImpl.java:328)
    18.     ... 5 more
    Anyone know what the problem could be here?

    Edit: Turns out I needed to use the 64 bit JRE!
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  11. Gold Farming Inc

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    You are my god, bro. This worked for me. I didn't know about this option to download the JDK, really cool. So the only thing I needed to do before this was download the Windows 64 bit of Runemate.

    One small thing that did trip me up for 15 minutes or so, was there was no bots showing up in runemate after I set the path.

    But there are an error message in intellij about a file not being found. The cause was because of the not consistent-ness of bot vs script bot terminology, so if anyone has this problem, double check the manifest main class thing matches the package name.

    Thanks again, someone should give you some big bucks!
  12. iqcudi

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    Hey, great tutorial! I have a question tho, how would I go about setting this up to be able to work with Kotlin? I am a Kotlin developer and it would be so much easier to work with it... Thanks in advance!
  13. Hejhej

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    Hey, thanks for the guide! Got the module to work atleast but now im facing another problem.

    Any idea how to solve this? Thanks in advance :)


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