RS3 2542 Total Level Account for Sale

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  1. After coming back to Runescape for a couple of months after quitting for a few years, I can now say I am finished for good; the game just isn't as fun as it used to be for me, plus the majority of my friends no longer play.

    As such, I am selling my main account I have owned since creation in 2007. Genuine reason for sale, considering all offers via PayPal only. Happy to use a Middleman

    Price $180 USD

    Stats and Bank:

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  2. I've previously been offered $250 USD, however this was around 12 months ago so I am unsure if prices/demand has changed since then.
  3. Personally, I'd pay $250 for that account. Not into RS3 though.
  4. Changed alot :p I remember seeing a max account sell of powerbot for 180 :)
  5. Thats, what, one example?

    The amount of time this account is worth imo is at least $200.
  6. Yes thats indeed one example, but yes i would also say about 250$...
    It kinda depends, if he really does not care about RS anymore, then whats it worth...
    I buy/sell yugioh cards for an extra income, i buy everything from people that stop the game because to them its maybe worth 1000€, because they want to get rit of it, and enjoy life.
    Bbut when i sell everything to people who play the game, and are willing to pay market price, it might be 5000€...
    I hope you understand what i mean :p
  7. Bump, accepting $200 USD via Paypal
  8. Most you'd get for this atm is about $100. Maxed are going for $150, and with invention on the horizon total levels mean nothing atm since it's going to be a bitch ass slow skill
  9. I am willing to do 100$ :p @kazemanie
    Also, can you show the email registration?
    If you got an email on the acc you could just recover it when its sold.
    And we don't want that.
  10. $100 is too low ;) Was looking for $250 however will accept $200

    Yes my email is registered to the account, however I think this can be changed? I am absolutely willing to give you the recovery details if you wish
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    Bump :)
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    Price lowered to $190 USD

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    Bump, price lowered to $180 USD
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