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  1. Hi guys,
    Even though this account stats were around 60-70% botted, still feels bad. There were 6 level 120 skills (including hunter and herblore) as well as over 1.8b xp. I was never botting too much in a short period of time and tried to do it as safe as possible.
    I've ran Celestial Divination this morning for about an hour, when I came back, I was still the only person on my world. Tried to relog and bam- perm banned for macroing. I was close to 120 divination as well.

    P.S. I am not willing to release my RSN under any curcumstances + luckily, most of my wealth was stored on my mule account.

    P.S.S. Don't really mind, it's about time to get a life anyways :p
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  2. Well it's risky to stay botting on such a valuable account. I got my comp cape now and I probably will never bot again on that account. Still, it sucks to lose your account :(
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  3. I was very close to comp as well, done all the major reqs like livid farm and most quests. Lucky you :p I survived the powerbot bot nuke back a few years ago and thought that there isn't anything that could stop me now. But I guess I was wrong :/
  4. I would never bot on an account like that. Sorry for your loss.
  5. dam man sorry for the loss lost a max cape before on rs3 it sucks now im at osrs banrate seems okay for me pesonaly
  6. ye i find it easier to bot on osrs then rs3
  7. rekt

    people seem to think everyone doing div is botting which is why I try not to bot it unless I'm around to babysit.
  8. it is dident bot rs3 in 2 months but when i botted rs3 i only dare to use colour bots :p
  9. Rest in peace.

    I know the feel of getting banned on important accounts all too well.
  10. Why even bot on that account, but without bitching.
    Sorry for the loss, that sucks! :(

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