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RS3 2800+ total lvl, 138 combat lvl, 10+ years, all skills 99+, PRE-ARCH MAXED

Discussion in 'General Market' started by Dandelions, Apr 30, 2020.

  1. Dandelions

    Apr 30, 2020
    Likes Received:
    Hello guys, i'm an old RS3 player that recently returned to Runescape to explore the new skill. Though I don't find myself playing this game as much as I used to, and I think i might wanna sell it for the right price.
    Game Type (RS3/OSRS): RS3
    Asking Price: Negotiable

    Account Details:

    800m+ total xp
    4+ skilling pets including the new arch pet.
    100k+ loyalty points
    13+ years.

    Screenshot of Levels: Screenshot - 9cfd40ae6a855a9834eebc51883a33e2 - Gyazo

    Screenshot of Bank/Wealth (if required):
    Screenshot - 3fc5bb027528c064895bf5afe5ae3c7e - Gyazo
    Screenshot - e796316efcf26d4cee5f638939aa8f34 - Gyazo

    Screenshot of ban/mute meter: Screenshot - 8ee36f589411964ff81f64f2dccf30ca - Gyazo

    Screenshot of Last Login: Screenshot - 3015142a68ba1778ba78e3def08df35b - Gyazo

    I accept BTC and RSGP

    Middleman link:


    Original owner of the account. E-mail will be changed to your e-mail.
    Upon purchase of the account, I will provide you the login information and email change link. Account recovery information will be provided.

    1. I will not be responsible for any bans/mutes on the account after purchase.
    2. No refunds after the exchange of OSRS or BTC.
    3. By bidding on this account or contacting me you accept my TOS.

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