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  1. now that the client requires the 64 bit version of java 8u40 i can no longer run the client even though i have the correct 8u40 version only its for 32 bit. Any help?

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  3. I'm having the same problem!
  4. Is your operating system 64bit? You can find out by running "dxdiag" (first press Windows+R and then type in dxdiag). If so, uninstall all versions of Java currently on your machine and install the latest Java 8 (currently Java 8u40) 64bit from Oracle's download page and choose Windows x64.


    If your OS is 32bit, hold tight. We are re-evaluating forcing 64bit.
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    Here's where you're looking in dxdiag:

  5. Okay thanks for the reply. i am running 32bit btw.
  6. This has been temporarily reverted. Moving forward it may be re-instated because it results in a much better experience. For that reason I recommend updating to a 64bit operating system if possible.
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  7. I'm still unable to use it on my 32bit laptop.
  8. So what exactly is happening? The new guidelines are available here
  9. When I click sign-in it says: "To ensure best performance, please update to the latest 64bit java."

    Unless I'm missing something, it won't let me pass this point. I've even tried clicking sign-in again.
  10. Are you sure you're not running a 64bit OS? Follow my steps above to be sure.
  11. Lol. I could of sworn this laptop was 32bit. My bad. Thanks, installing 64bit now.
  12. thanks cloud. your awesome! I am with you 100% for a better performance. you should also think about have a 32bit version available if needed. i would sacrfice a little performance for just the use of the bot than no use at all.

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