OSRS 4 Days of Babysit Botting [Progress]

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  1. -Account is Fully Free to play, Fully Botted, Started 10/1/2015-

    Rules are the following
    1. Can only start with a 100k Loan from a friend (Essensial for bait, feathers, pick axes and axes.)
    2. Must stay F2P and ONLY bot, NO human playing with the exception of questing, buying, and selling.
    3. Must achieve level 80 or higher in every Free2Play noncombat stat
    4. Must post updates at least weekly
    5. I will be keeping all wealth accumulated on a main or a mule in-case of a possible ban
      (Meaning will only trade wealth for pictures or possibly just take pic of mules bank)
    Green = Completed | Orange = Working On / Near Complete | Red = Far from finished

    Level 40 in all Free 2 Play skills (Only need crafting)

    Level 60 in all Free 2 Play skills
    Level 80 in all Free 2 Play Skills

    Level 5/40 Crafting

    Level 70 Woodcutting | 10/4/2015
    Level 80 Woodcutting | 10/5/2015

    Level 60/70 Firemaking
    Level 62/70 Fishing
    Level 60/70 Cooking

    Level 50/70 Mining
    Level 40/70 Smithing
    Level 5/70 Crafting

    250 Total Level | 10/1/2015
    500 Total Level | 10/5/2015

    750 Total Level
    1000 Total Level

    All Free to Play Quests Completed (Just need to finish Shield of Arrav)
    (Except for Dragon Slayer and Restless Ghost due to staying 1 defense & 1 prayer)

    Daily Skill Updates From Day 1 - Day 4

    Bank Update From Day 1 - Day 4
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  2. That's awesome, man. Good job. :D
  3. Figured it'd be cool not only for me but for other people too be able to see a fully botted account grow from start to finish, glad you liked it :D
  4. Keep us updated! :)
  5. Banned permanently on 10/6/2015 r.i.p
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  6. that was fast :O

    was the account fresh made ?
  7. it was an account I played and botted fishing to 40 and never touched about 4 months prior to using for this test run so when I picked the account back up it was 4 months old and had 40 fishing.
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    Sad day indeed :(
  8. How long were you botting each day? I'm assuming it was banned on day 5?
  9. Do the same thing, but in DS
  10. Was botting around 8-12 hours a day and babysitting the bots talking/interacting with people only botting for humanlike sessions that I'd of normally played not going for like 24/7 and yea I got banned on the 5th or 6th day during a session I just got done getting 80 woodcutting went to go get materials for crafting and got DC'd at the GE couldn't log in cuz my account was permanently suspended
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    Edit: with breaks too, so like 4-6 hours then break and then another 4-6 hour session

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