48 hour ban precedure.

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by Tomva, Apr 8, 2016.

  1. The last week of darkscape i had two fishing bots, since darkscape shut down i recreated characters in rs3 and started botting right away. Then after the first week of botting i find my Darkscape experience caches in my inventories.
    (Thanks for transferring my botted exp to my bots Jagex)
    But as soon as i opened 1 on one account i got banned instantly...for 48 hours, could still login with the other one but the next day thesame 48-ban timer was running on it too (same IP).
    To my suprise the ban was lifted after 48hours, no perm ban.
    So now i have 2 bots with fishing in their 90's but with a first offence on them.
    How exactly does this procedure work? Are these monitored extra closely from now?
    Should i just contenuie botting untill the banhammer ends them for good, or leave them sitting and wait for it all to blow over? If ever xD
  2. They're gonna be monitored closely now. I'd wait for Spectre, whilst setting up new bots on the current version. Also, you could try proxy/VPN...
  3. Just wait untill spectre, might take a while but for now keep those accounts. They are worth nothing now because you'll get banned on it fastly.
  4. Basically your next ban will be a permanent one. All macro bans are like this. If it's not a straight up permanent ban, it will be the initial bot busting ban followed by Macroing Major. That is when you restart from scratch. Having a mule makes things a lot easier to start up a new account, something I have never gotten around to doing.

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