Resolved 48 hour ban while having botted for less than 20 minutes.

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  1. I haven't botted on my second main since nearly two months ago, but two days ago I tried to fire up RuneMate to see if I can do anything for Double XP weekend when I go to sleep. I tested some combat scripts bots at ganodermic beasts for about 20 minutes before realizing they're all broken and aren't going to cut it. So I gave up and haven't logged into RuneScape since then. I logged in today and was immediately logged out and given a 48 hour moderate bot busting ban.

    This is my first botting ban since the bot nuke, because I haven't botted since then, until I discovered RuneMate. My alt level 3 account that I had botted on for the entirety of one bond (18 hours a day for 14 days) is unbanned, and I did that about 3 weeks ago until last week.

    Just some information that might help developers.
  2. That is very unfortunate. Went to sleep and left a combat bot on. (5hours)...
    Osrs though
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  3. Been botting 1 day and 10 hours straight, still going. No ban.

    And i have been botting 24/7 last week
  4. Holy shit lol, what you botting?
  5. Mah shit. Wanna see proggy? script bot uses custom auto-generated breaks tho. Made few mills since. Osrs :D
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  6. I saw your bot. Do you recommend it over mass fighter?
  7. Nah. This one is private one :)
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    TBH i havent tested massfighter, but i hear its good
  8. Aight, but yeah it's pretty nice.
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  9. Thanks. Ill try to run it for 7 days, without my pc crashing and stuff xD
  10. Awesome mate nice script bot, all the best :).
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  11. Thank you :)
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  12. Damn, that's the benefit of knowing how to code lol.. Making your own shit with the best anti ban, and only you get to use it :p
    Makes me wanna learn.. and I will!

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