48-Hour Ban

Discussion in 'General' started by xXSlykidXx, May 29, 2015.

  1. Anyone fortunate enough to receive a 48-hour ban and still bots? I received a 48-hour ban due to powerbot a few weeks ago using a frost dragon script bot, yet I continue botting using this client. Am I wise, or do you think I'm testing my luck?
  2. I would stay under the radar for a while, or at least not suicide bot. Keep your time played etc human and switch up between activities.
  3. Yeah, I've been taking it a little slow on Frost Dragons. Collect 400 bones then just do some random skill or quest.
  4. i wouldnt use powerbot as they are highly detectable
  5. yesterday used powerbot, and got a ban in 2 hours. i suggest not to use it... & also that's why I joined RM community :)
  6. I would never use powerbot.
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  7. few years ago it was one of the best bots, but now it's highly detectable...
  8. Lmao, powerbot is plain suicide.
  9. I'd take it easy for a little bit if I were you. Since you were just banned, I'm sure your account is flagged/watched, so tread lightly.
  10. Powerbot is specifically targeted by Jagex because they hate PB soo much. Just don't use powerbot and bot safe and you should be fine. Also, stay away from gold farming areas or atleast don't bot it.

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