RS3 48 Hour Ban!

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  1. I just got a 48 Hour ban using Runemate, for about 12+hours straight.

    Just a warning to yall not to use it that long. :p
    I totally fell & asleep & forgot about it.

    You can also use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl and + to Zoom in & Ctrl - to zoom out to read the screenshot!


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  2. 1000th post ayy.

    OT: Tough luck guy, just wait for Spectre.
  3. What do you mean man?
  4. New runemate update coming "Soon".
  5. That was his thousandth post. And spectre is the new version of runemate that will hopefully be out soon.
    Lol jagex are so full of shit. 'We can accurately detect all illegal 3rd party software'. For starters, botting clients aren't illegal. And secondly, if that were the case you'd never be able to bot because they would detect it straight away, without fail. No one would be able to bot.
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  6. One might argue about the fact that they can detect the client or not, it's a valid thought that they delay bans to avoid making it obvious to us what they can detect so we can hotfix faster.
  7. Yeah true, but if they could reliably detect all 3rd party bot clients, if they were to ban them straight away then there would be no such things as bots, because they'd all be banned before they could be put into action xD
  8. The whole point in delayed bans is to cause confusion as to which bot or client got you banned. If all clients are detected then there'd be no need for delayed bans.
  9. Well then people would look into making alternative macroing tools such as overlays. For now the majority of the macroing tools are 3rd party clients, so if Jagex can detect clients, they're pretty much golden with delayed bans, because no one suspects that they can if they delay.
  10. If Jagex banned all their players, then technically they would have successfully detected all bot clients and bot software :cool:
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  11. No because they're explicitly stating that they do detect all clients.
  12. Yeah, Idk how they detect it. :p
    & I'm not risking running RM again, maybe on a Skiller or something.
  13. Maybe you should be smarter, dont bot the same thing over and over, use diff bots, play legit, and bot 6 hrs a day max

    i have botted for 10 years on the same account not been banned once.
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    if they banned every person that botted, they would have a 3rd of the player base they have now.
  14. Who is up for using auto hotkey and seeing how long it takes to get a ban.
  15. I'm down! Haha. How can we arrange this.
  16. Step 1: Use Auto Hotkey
    Step 2: See how long it takes to get a ban

  17. I'm surprised you all get handed out 2 day bans. The client IS detected, no question about it. On DarkScape, for whatever reason, they hand out perma bans instead. Simply logging into the game using the client gets the account banned, I was the unfortunate victim and ofc, the only account that had no logged into the client was spared. This was about 3 weeks ago, I got new bots running and haven't been hit yet, only a matter of time really when the mods decide to act and my suicide bots get banned.
  18. So I think I got the idea stuck in my head, and I am in the midst of making 3 scripts bots...

    1: mouse move and click, no delay, player walking point A & B, ofc no random event handlers ;)
    2: mouse move click 10 delay on click
    3: mouse array move click delay 30 (array of mouse pos movement)

    going to run them tomorrow once i get some sleep for the hell of it...

    Edit: So autohotkey produces bots now :D That word replace
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  19. I'm pretty sure you know that this is common practice to scare people for using a bot.
  20. It's straight out lying. And then they go on to say that we are lying to our customers about not being detected.

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