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  1. The account is 12 years old, botted on it alot.
    Recently made it members again, second time i logged into it after using it i logged in with the client and got an insta-ban.
    :) Still have other account but this account was active and mid-high stats.
  2. Wait for Spectre.

    I've been fapping to the progress Cloud made internally today.
  3. Bans will always happen when you logged in the next time after you have been marked to be banned.

    Not my proudest fap
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  4. whats spectre
  5. Yeah well i don't mind losing the account, was just a thread to say that it could happen and apparently it's a wave.
  6. Leaks please!! :p
    The Fappening Pt. 2
  7. These things don't come in waves, actually, I've been checking it out and it seems that their "high-end 1337" detection system is only used against you once you're reported by another player. Needless to say, if you bot somewhere where there are no other players your chances of getting banned are minimal. However, when botting stuff like.. Chickens in lumbeidge in f2p, expect an early ban.
  8. i got ban fighting chickens, and wcing, and on another acc fishing.. using epicbot for fighting chickens and runemate for wcing and fishing on two other accs. Can u tell me which bots are best to use to not get ban? I dont mind using a bot to play for me while im on the pc doing work
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    wshat did u do different this time? if the acc is 12 yrs old.. when y ou bot isjt it a perm banN?
  9. Didn't do much diffrent, just logged in and got banned.
  10. you didnt start using a new client or script bot to bot? Howd u get away with botting for so long, im just assumming youve been doing it longer than a month

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