RS3 5 days straight

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  1. [​IMG]

    Energy info is what i currently have in inventory. NOT how much i made total. Total i made more than 230m
  2. Does it reload the client after 23 hours? Or did you do this manually?
  3. I reloaded manually. But it will be supported soon.
  4. Sweet, that's something to look forward to. Nice progress report!
  5. Thank you
  6. Straight outta RuneMate.
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  7. Why do you need to reload it after 23hrs :eek:
  8. RuneScape way of "getting rid of bots"
  9. did u use your bot?
    urs is the only one thats stable
  10. NIce! Did you used any breaks for that? I'm using your scripts bots to goldfarm with divination right now! :D
  11. Thank you. Yes i use my own bot. My local version has a break algorithm so i can run 24/7
  12. what Bot is this? name of bot?
  13. Private bot, made by OP himself

  14. oh ok thanks
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  15. Are you doing Incandescent energy? If you are i will buy it off you ALL!
  16. Its Quality Divination with some stuff changed and added.

    i am. Hitting 99 today
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  17. How did you manage to attach the existing script bot instance to the new client?
  18. Omg is this fir real? oO

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