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  1. It seems like sometimes I hit this limit and sometimes I don't. Hell sometimes login handler doesn't even start up.

    "Gaming session ended please close wait 5 minutes whatever"

    1. Is there a way to make sure you log back in when you get logged out? I have the account there just seems like it only tries to log back in about half the time

    2. Can RuneMate not restart the runescape instance and start a new one when it gets session ended?

    This is cutting into my bottom line hard
    1. Try updating your Java or cleaning its Cache.
    2. RuneMate currently does not support reload after 6 hours.
  2. That would be nice, I currently manually launch and login all my bots because I'm paranoid that it won't actually USE the proxy that I put in and there's no way to tell =/ My life would be so much easier if I did it this way though, currently my bat file that launched RM just deletes all mouse bio files and allocates 2048m, plus the login handler doesn't work half the time so I'm better off manually doing it. Just starting to get REALLY difficult to manage the more bots I run, especially every 6 hours
  3. I think it all depends who which script bot you use. I have no problem running 15+ hours a day.
  4. Same, I've even ran certain bots multiple days in a row without stopping.
  5. Is it definitely the game session limit? Is the message displayed in the game or is it from the runemate client? Because your runemate session can expire and that can cause bots to stop. Also, the login handler should always work unless the bot in question has disabled it.

    While true, this is partially incorrect. There is not need to reload after 6 hours. Jagex changed it to 23 hours a while back
  6. login handler are not normal work at some time
    example: when i start script bot then it won't login game
  7. Have you selected the account in the selector... You need to click the account even if it seems to be selected when you first open the selector.
  8. Yes Sir I selected it before start script bot
  9. Which game?
  10. RS3
  11. It works fine for me... Which bot are you using?
  12. the some script bot did not check login status i think,i will report this bugs,when client come back up
    found it in ultradungeon bot
  13. The bots don't handle anything to do with logging in unless they explicitly disable the login handler so they can do so. If it's only happening with ultradungeon, you should post on his thread as he may have disabled the login handler for some reason.
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  14. I think so
    Thank you for answer

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