60 Woodcutting accounts [RS3 & OSRS]

Discussion in 'General Market' started by Derk, May 26, 2016.

  1. Very straight forward, I can sell level 60 woodcutting accounts for only 1$! The accounts have email logins, random generated passwords, tutorial island done and of course 60 woodcutting to start chopping yews right away!

    Obviously this will be botted. But I offer you a guarantee: if your account gets banned within 12 hours after purchase, you get a free new account.

    I can also offer higher levelled woodcutting accounts, level 70 for 2$, and level 80 for 4,50$.

    My preferred platform of communication is Slack, you can join the Slack room here: Log in | Community | RuneMate

    Either search for my name (Bertrand) or join the service channel and @Bertrand me with a message.

    You can also add me on Skype:
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    BUMP, I have some accounts available right away!
  2. Hi im intrested
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  3. how much for 99 wc ?

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