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  1. When i try to login on the client it says that i need 64 bit java. So i went and installed what i needed but still it tells me that i need 64 bit java everytime i login? How do i fix this?
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    Post #2 by EvilCabbage, Jun 24, 2015
  3. Make sure you prioritize 64 bit. Another fool proof method would be unstinstalling everything but Java 64 bit.
  4. I assume that 's what i need to do. Also i went and got the windows 64 on java which i assume is the java 64 bit one.

    Edit: Got it to work! Thanks for the help.
  5. Open up a CMD(command prompt);
    Enter this: "java -version" post the output. If it says something about Java 64-bit then you're good, else it's 32bit.
  6. Managed to fix it by deleteing java 32 bit and also is this a new bot? Never heard about this one before and i recently found out about it not long ago.
  7. No, we've been out for over a year, we just haven't really done any heavy advertising :)
  8. Oh okay and what's the % of getting banned with using this bot on 07? I of course know it's always a risk doing it but what would the rate of banning be somewhat?
  9. No idea, we haven't had enough bans on this client to be able to say. The ban rate is low, but as always it depends on botting smart and using bots that work well.
  10. Glad you got it to work. Also, no sir. If you note some of our join dates you'll see we've been around for a little bit. ;)
  11. im running a 32 bit system. so what would i have to do? it works until i try to load monster ids on the fighting scripts bots
  12. Your best bet would probably be allocating more memory, there are tutorials for this somewhere on the forum.
  13. 32bit(3gb ram) probably can't handle the memory usage of RuneMate.
    - Nuff said

    (I honestly thought that was the reason why 64bit was forced)
  14. It's part of it.

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