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  1. So when I try to start runemate it says "to ensure best performance, please update to the latest 64bit java" And so i believe i did, i tried several different 64bit java updates and i updated to the newest java I can get.

    I have restarted my computer and everything and i keep getting the same error. I have a windows 8 pc, what should I do?? Can someone link me to the correct download and ill let you know if it works i believe i have tried them all.

    Thank you!

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  3. Remove all the java installations on your pc and reinstall the latest 64bit. That should force it to use the latest when running.
  4. can you link me to the correct one, there are several 64bit
  5. That error means that you are running a 64bit operating system, but using 32bit Java. Uninstall all versions of Java currently on your machine and install the latest Java 8 (currently Java 8u40) 64bit from Oracle's download page and choose Windows x64 (assuming you are using a Windows operating system).

  6. thank you so much :) resolved!

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