Dark 91 Runecrafting account {Cheap}

Discussion in 'General Market' started by swiftbot, Nov 8, 2015.

  1. Hello, Thank you for looking at
    the account i have for sale today!

    To start i would like to note that this is 100% hand trained and using a bot on the account is your choice
    In the pictures included you can see that the ban&mute metres are 0% and i've had no reports on the account :)

    Thank you very mcuh for viewing my offer :)
    - Harry

    Pictures of my bank: Sorry i couldn't upload (Gyazo is 100% safe)

    Gyazo - 29a130c47323078008d00fb9007433bf.jpg
    (Ban/Mute Metre)
    Gyazo - 72a5dd97d5fd17e4e3a759941f7fc817.png

    Considering all offers! Really not looking for much!
  2. I'm selling a 99 RC Account on darkscape Lulz
  3. Aight lols gotta get dem 10 air runes Kappa
  4. sold or not?? PM ME if still for sale please

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