RS3 99 fletching in 15 days

Discussion in 'Screenshots' started by Gandalf, Oct 21, 2014.

  1. Just a picture of me having 99 fletching, after using fletchings scripts bots on RM. Great bot! 5ff834ede20704f7f8080eb95550caa3.png
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  2. Grats! Going for 99 fletch myself :D
  3. That's awesome!
    My only 99 is firemaking. I totally got that legit. No bots. Trust me.
  4. Wheres the GP you got from ittt? :D
  5. Lol i never got more than 90 legit :D Acctually never got 90 haha. Now i got 90 with bot :D
  6. He rich. I rich :D
  7. Gibbe money pls so i can furm more goald
  8. I trust you..
  9. I almost maxed out my main without bots :) Then i got banned, when trying to use powerbot :D So here i am now, using runemate, doing it all illegal :D
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