RS3 99 Mining/smithingProgress Thread Botting

Discussion in 'Goals' started by WYD, Nov 24, 2014.

  1. Atm my lvls
  2. Goodluck, Wyd.
  3. thank you For your Nice Feedback,It a bit hard to Bot with that Ram Bug And i do not have much time to be on my pc :-(
  4. Goodluck either way ;)
  5. Do i know you from ShadowBot?
  6. Good luck with your goal, Wyd.
    Marija would b proud.
  7. I am the one and only EvilCabbage. And yes, I have an account on ShadowBot.
  8. Good luck with your goal!
    Keep us updated ;-)
  9. Yes Boss.
  10. Nice idea... I've got a question.
    For example fishing/cooking, you can get to 99 cooking easily if you cook the fish you caught while getting 99 fishing, as cooking a fish gives more xp than fishing it,k same for wcing/fming.
    Is this for mining/smithing too? So if I would bank all ores if mine, could I get 99 smithing from it?
  11. Bot from a ban script bot :-(
  12. Goodluck mate.
  13. Thx Mate.

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