99 RC GOAL (daily updates)

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  1. Hey everyone, I am deciding to attempt to suicide bot a old f2p account to 99 Runecrafting and thought might as well make a thread about it. I'm going to be running hRunecrafter 24/7 at RuneSpawn.
    (also big thanks to whoever made this awesome script bot so far so good!)

    Thanks for all the support, much love. ॐ

    Day 1:

    Day 2:
    [​IMG] got almost no xp, ran it for over 10 hours and only got 39k, hoping this problem doesn't continue, still got up to 72 though.
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  2. Great progress so far. I believe this bot was made by hakuna matata
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  3. Good luck dude!

    @Hakuna Matata; you might be interested in following this.
  4. Good luck! Hope you reach your goal!
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  5. Good luck! Feel free to PM me with any improvements.
  6. Updated^^
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  7. Looks like 10 hours of clicking a key token, RIP your account
  8. surprisingly is still going lol.

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