99 woodcutting Proof runemate can be botted safely

Discussion in 'Screenshots' started by waggle96, May 6, 2016.

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    @RuneMate THANK YOU FOR THE 99 IN WC
  2. Nice one, congratulations on your 99!
  3. congrats! what scripts bots did you use and do you have any specific methods/locations?

    Everytime I run a woodcutting bot it would be banned in 5-6 hours.
  4. I use maxi woodcutter and I only bot 5-8 hours a day when botting, and I bot wc
    1-40 oak
    40-60 willows
    60-80 yews
  5. so far 1-95 div and everything seems to be fine 10h a day so far safe and this has been a treck
  6. Nice bro!

    99 wc (or any other gathering skill) is pretty safe as long as you have a legit account.
  7. Thanks so much so much fucking work went into that 99. He is now a legit account, no more botting on him.
  8. congrats man, working on getting my first characters to all 90 combat stats (currently 90/82/85) and one of my skills to 90+ (working on divination for high GP/HR). Unfortunately, none of my acc is legit haha pretty much all botted but if he survives and avoids banning I'll continue playing on him.
  9. thats sick. im at 70 wcin so far :p im going to bot yews too 99 at edge if i can make it!
  10. I am telling you no Not at edge ur crazy man
  11. why not cut at edge?
  12. thats a botters kingdom
  13. 92 div for me, 12 hours a day on my main :) also got a level 3 to 81 div.
  14. You will never make to 99 with yews. You made this post a few days ago so rip that account.
  15. I did make it to 99 thank you :)

    I was telling him yews is a botters kingdom, I think I know it i Will Make it or not
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  16. still got it :p havnt botted yews as it hasnt been working thou
  17. Yeah botting yews is pretty sketch... You should get 99wc then sell the acc

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