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    Yes, I've been slacking, but here it finally is.

    I am Stephan Bijzitter, born July 30th 1993 in The Netherlands. I used to be an addicted RuneScape player until I became more aware of the large (read: insane) amount of goldfarmers primarily cutting yew trees and picking flax. A polonaise of bots paraded from Draynor Village to each individual yew tree found west of Draynor, with literally no space between individual bots. Having hundreds of bots on a server capped at 2000 players made me wonder where all those bots came from and I quickly found RSBot.

    I started to use RSBot myself (as it was obvious that no-one got banned for macroing) and soon after I discovered KBot, which is where I resided until Kosaki surrendered to Jagex. This is where I made my first script bot in collaboration with someone else. Enfin, through the years I've been active on a large number of botting websites and in the end I got back to RSBot to release my first (official) premium script bot: Ultra Staking. A massive success paying for my expenses for several years to come, while the script bot required next to no maintenance. It did not last long however, as Jagex released the Evolution of Combat, completely killing the Duel Arena for botters and legitimate players alike. World 54 used to be full (all 2000 players) and my script bot synchronized to a server to be able to communicate with other script bot users for rapid matchmaking. At one point most of the Duel Arena was populated by my script bot, as I (being the owner who made a backdoor) was able to see everyone using my script bot highlighted on a display.

    Then came Botwatch and RS3 died out, while OSRS started to become more of an interest for botmaking. I joined Tribot as I noticed they did not have a script bot distribution network, so I wrote a third party solution: SJBijzitter's script bot Loader. This loader allowed script bot writers to sell and distribute their scripts bots through a (relatively) secure and easy to use authentication system. It did not take long for a certain moderator (who had approved my loader) to become cocky and he told me that he was able to steal scripts bots, but when I told him to do it and show me the results, he couldn't. I then proceeded to crack his own premium script bot and I contacted him on Skype telling him he might've wanted to improve his security a bit, at which point he completely lost it and permanently banned me from Tribot, while publicly defaming my work. As I did not appreciate his actions, I decided to publish a tutorial on how to crack his scripts bots, with downloads included. I know revenge does not solve anything, but as he killed my income I wanted to do as much damage as possible. Later that week he started to DDoS me using a stresser called vDoss, which happens to be taken down by now.

    Anyway, here I am: a 20 year old programmer with a great deal of experience with Java and customer support/sales with no job (although that may soon change). I will move out before the end of 2014, which means an income will be mandatory to be able to pay for the rent. This is why I joined RuneMate.
    I enjoy programming very much, especially when there's a challenge to overcome, but ultimately I do require money and that is great motivation right now to quickly dominate the market (ArbiBots v2, perhaps? ;-)) and help out as much as possible. I will be doing this in my spare time (which happens to be quite a lot right now), as I do expect to have a job soon(ish).

    I hope you will enjoy my scripts bots; I certainly strive for them to be the best on offer.
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    Welcome to RuneMate (even though you've been here for months lol)
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    Great to have you here, Steph. <3
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