Resource A Beginner's Guide To Java (JDK8)

Discussion in 'Tutorials & Resources' started by kristiaan, Aug 23, 2015.

  1. If anyone is intrested in this Ebook?


    DL link:

    PS: if you don't trust me, then don't download :)
    But i think there are alot of members who can vouche for me to be trusted :)
  2. Wanted to learn Java for quite a while, gonna give this book a try, thanks for sharing!:D
  3. Have fun with it :)
  4. Giving this a try too. I can't stand reading pdfs on a computer. I have a samsung galaxy S5 which I find very pleasing to read off, but do you guys have any tip for an ebook reader? I want one that can be cracked or just a good free one.
  5. You could also print the pdf :p

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