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  1. Okay so i found this gambling website runemate advertises for, im pretty sure they're affiliates.So i dint use the affiliate link and i apologize for that. So, this gambling devil just keeps drawing me into its den and keep telling to me win more , while everyone who's into gambling know's it a "lose more" That's it first i started with 100k.... eventually i lost my cash and then tryed it again and this time it was 5m, then 10m, 25m..... eventually i was just broke as a freaking Llma, I'm guessing is this because im not lucky or just because the site is a scam? I've also noticed when you bet higher amount of cash you cash have higher chance of losing. Taking my case into consideration i bet 1m x5 times and i lost each time i did that, thats a 5 streak lose at 56% win chance! When i i bet for 2.5k or 5k, its mostly a win. I don't get it, can't people just afford healthy sites? ................ pz
  2. Yeah I highly advise against gambling lol
  3. I actually deposited 50m into it and got back 80m. Then I gambled the 80m and lost everything.

    Don't ever gamble, you'll end up losing to the system, all the time.
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  4. Its all patience luck and pleasure :) Dont ever walk in expecting to win lol.
  5. bet 5k at 100x chance. Deposit 1m.
  6. IDK i was just dicing last night did >10 @ 10k chips and won 80k chips. :p
  7. There's strategy to win in gambling. Bet 10m, if you lose, bet 20m, if you win, you won 10m (20m - 10m = 10m). If you win the first bet of 10m, bet 10m again. This way you'll always win 10m if you win, and when you lose you double the stakes so you can win back what you lost the bet before that.

    The only way this works if you have either plenty of money, or do really low bets so you can afford to lose a lot in a row (because that WILL happen at some point).
  8. It just keeps calling you, and keeps poking you for more money, and our mind is just flawless for it.

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