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  1. 1) When an item is added, the InventoryListener calls the item added method twice, sometimes 3 times (I am pretty sure I don't do anything wrong)

    2) Grandexchange price checker does not work well, for example Wine of Zamorak, which is like 3k gp, is 5k gp when I grab the price over the API



    Throws a NullPointerException at some points, even if there is no blockage on the way to the spot.
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  2. 3. The web isn't perfect so even though there may not have been any obstacles, some positions won't be able to generate a path.
    What you should be doing is storing the path before performing step on it so that you can null check the path. If the path is null you can then use the same logic with regionpath or bresenhampath to build a path and traverse it.

  3. okay good idea, I will try it :)

    @Aidden I am now doing this, but now it takes the character ages to move each step.
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  4. Then there is something wrong with your script bot that is preventing it from stepping quickly.
    1. I'll investigate although I think it is unlikely. The events will be called again however if you logout and log back in, however item removed events will also have been called when you logged out.
    2. We rely on a 3rd party service for getting item prices, so unfortunately that's out of our control for the near future.
  5. Iirc defeat3d had the same issue with the inventory listener a week or two ago
  6. Yeah I realized that although it's rare that it should happen, it's still possible.
  7. Okay I will askhim then :)
    And recheck my code for walking
  8. @Cloud
    I also have the InventoryListener problem, it's detecting 3 logs added when I chop down a normal tree which only gives 1.
  9. It'll be fixed in an update later tonight.
  10. Sorry to nag you again, but the ChatboxListener is also experiencing the same problem. When I receive a message, the bot seems to receive the message 2-3 times.
  11. Its all caused by the same issue.
  12. The update that fixes this has been released, can you please verify it has been resolved.
  13. Let me make an account and test since all my accounts are getting banned :p

    Edit: Seems to be working fine. Good work.
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