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Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by Gengsta, Aug 22, 2016.

  1. Sup, I was trying out a few different skills today to train for my botaccount and got a few ideas. (rs3)

    * A working fletcher, which would operate from just standing in the bank. As explained in the side-note if you have a portable nearby you don't actually need to leave the bank. (I know Alpha Portables works, but if you're on a world with a portable you can just stay in the bank for the extra xp.)

    * Flaxspinner - Quite decent profit at the moment (counting none requirements), shouldn't be too difficult to create but what do I know.

    * A herblore bot which would buy more supplies(?) - Not really sure how hard this one would be, would be another low requirement money maker.

    That's all I thought about today, might come up with more shit later idk.
  2. Seems like Party only creates OSRS bots tho
  3. I could do all iof them but im lazy
  4. Just do it, make (my?) dreams come true?
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    Still not enough interest in this? rip dreams.

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