Question A few questions I could never find the answers to

Discussion in 'Developer Support' started by Serene, Jul 6, 2016.

  1. All for OSRS. Tried searching the forums and plenty of time searching through the jdocs testing random things out.

    How to get through the welcome screen?
    • By default, if I'm logged out in OSRS the bot will log in fine but won't click through the welcome screen.
    • Tried using interfaces to search for "Click here to play" but the interaction never works.
    • Tried using GameEvents.OSRS.LobbyHandler.enable() (not sure what this is for) on start but didn't work.
    How to make quicker camera turns?
    • Looking for something to mimic the scroll wheel and turn a bit faster than the turnTo() functions work. Possibly scrollTurnTo() / wheelTurnTo();
    • Tried loops of pressing the mouse wheel, dragging the mouse and then releasing the wheel but doesn't work well at all. Nowhere near the same way turnTo() functions work where I can specify a target and the viewpoint turns exactly towards.
    Edit: was gonna remove it but I'll leave this one here in case anyone else is wondering
    1. How to check if local player is poisoned? (Solved.. sort of)
      • Cloud mentioned adding it to the API here: Poison?
      • (Solution?) - Could check using interfaces or varps. Would be nice if there was a Player.isPoisoned() or Actor.isPoisoned()?
  2. Welcome screen should be handled by the lobby handler. If it isnt then something is up, consider making sure lobbyHandler is enabled in bot.

    Camera.ConcurrentlyTurnTo() is kinda better than just TurnTo, but you probably already know that.

    I never thought about poison, but .isPoisoned() would be a great addition!
  3. Just to make sure lobbyhandler is enabled, I enable it in onStart() but welcome screen still isn't clicked. And yeah I use concurrentlyTurnTo() but it can be pretty slow sometimes. Blows if I need to adjust camera while in combat.
  4. Hmm, that is wierd, lobby handler is working for me in osrs and rs3....
    But as far as camera, no idea dude. Consider asking cloud. But i thought the camera turns are pretty fast myself, at least as fast as a normal person can turn the camera.
  5. That's weird. Do you ever have to manually enable lobbyhandler? If I don't it doesn't work, if I do it in the onStart() method it doesn't work either.
  6. Can't answer your questions but if I'm not mistaken, Celestial Fisher has an antiban feature that prints something along the lines of "Rotating camera with scroll wheel" and it rotates the camera very fast in OSRS. Might want to ask Savior.
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  7. I never have to enable it... Maybe something else in your script bot is giving it trouble, it has happened to me before. Make sure nothing in your onLoop could be messing it up.
  8. Hold middle mouse and move mouse in a direction, then release middle mouse, not in a loop.

    Lobby handler handles welcome screen, remove all references to it in your bot and see if it works.

    For Actor#isPoisoned, perhaps consider writing code yourself and submitting to API.
  9. Removed all references from my bot, still didn't work. Tried manually enabling it in the constructor, onStart() and onLoop for loopingscript, none of which worked. For the isPoisoned, where could I submit it to the API?
  10. PM Cloud or Slash on Slack with a Github link, they'll probably have their way with it before it goes in.
  11. Actor#isPoisoned might be a little tricky, to find out if the local player is poisoned is pretty simple using varps, on RS3 at least.
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    As for the Lobby Handler not working, is it not activating at all or is it activating and doing nothing?
  12. To be honest I would have assumed local player being poisoned is the only useful one anyway - I see no real use (apart from super-niche) cases where a general Actor#isPoisoned would be necessary.

    Local player, however, would be useful.
  13. Could probably be incorporated into the Health class tbh
  14. I never see "Lobby Handler has been activated" in the console, only Login Handler.
  15. You should get a tray notification whenever it's activated.
  16. I don't. I usually have tray notifications turned off but turned them on and still didn't get one.


    This is all that I see, and then the status in my bot updates to part of the onLoop() section showing that it's going through code as if it's logged in and past the welcome screen. No references to login handler or lobby handler in the code.
  17. Could be that the Lobby Handler isn't validating properly. I'll investigate when I can find the time.
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  18. Could be that after the login handler finishes the bot never returns from its onLoop.
  19. Most probably this actually, especially if @Serene uses a lot of while loops.

    Lobby handler is working fine for me on OSRS, probably should have stated that I haven't had any issues with it.

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