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  1. So if I donate $1, am I supposed to be able to use 2 bots at once during that month? Currently, I try to run 2 and it tells me I've reached my limit of 3 clients (only running 1 bot) and to donate more.

    Also, I bought a $1 in credits...does this do anything or is it just donation lol :p
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    Post #2 by awesome123man, Aug 26, 2016
  3. You are able to use 3. Make sure you don't force close runemate or have it on anywhere else on you wifi and then you should be able to use 3. If you force close runemate, you must wait 15 to 30 mins before it will refresh and allow you to use another instance.
  4. 1$ in credit can be used for premium bots.
  5. Ah, thanks guys, got it to work. Where do I find premium bots? I dont see any here.
  6. Because there are none! Lol
    They have all been made free since spectre release.
  7. hahaha cool xD oh well, a dollar donated!
  8. Just to clarify on the donation side of things. Donating, and becoming a supporter is different to adding credit to your account.

    For every $1 you donate as a supporter, you can run another instance at the same time.

    Free users can only run 2 instances at a time.

    Donate $1.00 and you can run 2 free + 1 paid instance
    Donate $2.00 and you can run 2 free + 2 paid instances etc.


    If you add credit to your account, you can then run the premium bots which charge per hour of use. EG: 5 cents per hour of usage.
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