A ghostmouse/keyboard recorder

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by Manager, Aug 14, 2015.

  1. Just a fun little idea, tought this could be created fast? Maybe i don't know.
    Just a thing that lets you record the actions you do and then repeat them.
  2. But... But why?
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    waiting for da answer
  3. More of ID thing to make your own simple bot.
  4. So you can bot in the sandcastle place. Not for long but better then legitting it.
  5. Sandcastle?
    I was just thinking about fletching, woodcutting, firemaking, cutting gems, things ect ect
  6. No point we already have multiple bots for them.
  7. I was giving examples.
  8. a month ago I went from 1-~88 fletching on rs3 just by using a macro recorder I had laying around. no ban. Was actually surprised to be honest.

    Well, from like 40-~88. but 1-40 doesn't take long at all so may as well have been all macro-ed lol
  9. I used portables with it and never had a ban reached 120 construction trough it by partly doing that, but seriously it has so many options.
  10. mouse recorded att, str, magic,range, hp, gilded alter prayer with summoning, runecrafting with summoning and pouch repair, construction, agility, herblore, theiv, craft, fletch, mining, smith, cook, fm, wc, summon, all to 99 botted defence fishing dung divination to 99 and did farming legit, slayer 1-92 using lamps 92 to 99 legit

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