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  1. Dear reader,

    You probably know this exact feeling where you watch a good pk video on YouTube and suddenly think "damn, I wish I had a pure to pk with". I also know why you don't have a pure yet - you'd have to work to quest it and you think that will take too much time. Well, I think this a lot and I came up with a solution.

    Why don't 'we', as in a small group of people from RuneMate, create a shared pure? Choose a specific type of pure we wish to make and all collectively work towards getting it. Completing 30 quests is a hassle, yes. But doing 6-7 quests is doable, right? Exactly.

    You can imagine the rules and requirements to join on this: knowledge of pures; not being a retard who will bot it 24/7; you have to be trustworthy; and most important - not to be an asshole but a team player.

    Now I would like to know who would be down for this, and what kind of pure you'd be looking to make.
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  2. Someone would mostlikely just fuck it over, besides.. Pures are shitters. :^)

    Got 20def and voider already, noty.
  3. I had hidden your post earlier but since you felt that doing so was an act of power abuse, here is my reply.

    I guess that this thread is not for you, then. I just don't understand why you feel the need to let me know that you're not interested instead of just not replying. What I find even more interesting is that you clearly state that you don't like bragging at all - yet you do so by sharing that you own two pking accounts. A bit hypocritical don't you think? I think so.

    Proof (in case you deny this being the case):
    In response to @Jesse mentioning he has achieved three 99's and made nearly a billion with a bot about which you asked if it was any good:
    And later you state again that you do not approve of people bragging (despite having provided 'proof' of what they brag of):

  4. I don't know whats happening but I like being tagged in things. #CabbagePatchKings
  5. I would be interested in this.
  6. We should make a RuneMate exclusive OSRS pking clan with mage pures:) Fire blast ftw!
  7. I already started

    Account name: Fuck her right in the pussy
  8. Why not Holly Doll? That would make a great pure name.
  9. I would be interested in this, would love to get some pking done. We should get a Teamspeak together also.
  10. how bout the name DebbyDuzDallas lol
  11. I am ready to start when you are! Might have to upgrade to supporter status so i can run multiple bots but ya we just need to decide what we want to make.
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  12. Is this still happening?

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