Resource A Task-Based Script to Mess With by Ozzy

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  1. I paid Ozzy to write this for me, but I'm going to share it so new scripters can get a feel for the task-based scripts bots...

    The script bot is a Harpoon Buyer... If you want to actually use it, please sell at guide price... Start script bot at Burthorpe bank or at the fishing shop in Port Sarim...

    Ignore the FlourBuyer... I'm working on modding his script bot into a Flour buyer and it's not finished or even close to it yet...
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  2. I know u already know it's done, but other people might not, so here it goes:
  3. its as easy as adding extends TaskScript

    then doing your tasks and adding to onStart()
    add(new Bank());

    etc etc

    justr been meesing with this way instead of the loop
  4. It's cool that you've decided to share with others, just a note to anyone using this to learn, use delayUntil() without a timeout with caution as although I haven't came into any issues using that in conjunction with lodestones yet (I was lazy and didn't work out how long it takes to teleport), it could possibly cause you issues in the case that the teleport fails somehow.
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  5. This should be set as resource, not a tutorial.

    Nice release though.
  6. I was thinking that right after I Can't figure out a way to change it, though... If a mod wants to change it to a resource, feel free...
  7. Just wondering is harpoon buying fairly profitable?
  8. For f2p or bot armies, yes... Close to 300k/hr...
  9. Inb4 market about to crash

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