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  1. Now I check this forum every once in a while and I see a lot of people getting banned. Have most of the bans been rs3/ds? The reason I ask is because I have been botting 1 week straight on my personal client on 5 accounts and only experienced 1 ban, I take absolutely no precautions to prevent bans I use mouse hopping and absolutely no sleep methods. I am not trying to say that Runemate is the fault but I personally think they detect patterns, the reason runemate got by so long is because jagex didn't have a proper "pattern" for detecting us their for leaving us alone. I am not quite sure why I wasn't banned more but its just an observation that I made.
  2. Did you by any change played legit on the client before, and it therefor made .bio files ?
    That would minimize the ban rate.
  3. My main just got permed, haven't botted for 2.5 weeks. Last bot was RM.
  4. If you mean mouse patterns, I recall Arbiter saying that if they were to record and analyze mouse movements in real time they would require the equivalent of a very big data center to do so.

    Edit: And that RuneMate generates mouse movements in real time or something so they wouldn't really be able to analyze it
  5. No I moved around a little bit, like clicked a few tiles few objects etc. And they were fresh accounts
  6. Nope my account just got banned on OSRS.

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