RS3 Abyss Monster XP Grind

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  1. Abyss training bot that could basically grind out a lot of experience in the abyss.
    • Able to walk there find an optimal spot in the abyss and just sit there and farm experience
    • Either safely teleport out or move to an area to use loadstone to Edgville
    • Reset abyss monster agro by walking north and back to the spot so they start attacking again
    • If I'm missing anything I linked a video

    Also willing to pay for a private script bot.
  2. This would be very useful, also willing to pay if the bot is top notch quality.
  3. place is crowded af

    takes ages to find a world where its only you
  4. I haven't found any issues with finding worlds, maybe I just get lucky ;)
  5. Id be willing to pay for it as well.
    This would be a nice supporters bot.
  6. Your wish is our command:

    Please thank @bdwill2 for his generosity in making it a Supporter bot.
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  7. Doesn't need to click monsters, auto-retaliate is supposed to take care of it for you (otherwise why would you need a reset spot). Keeps running a few steps away to attack different monsters when it should just let the monsters pile you. Also needs to use the two threshold abilities mentioned in the video. Impressive for the timeframe though.

    Was going to post this on the bot's thread but I couldn't find it...
  8. Actually if you're there long enough you do have to reset the spot, by walking north then walking back south so the abyss monsters start piling you again.
  9. I know, and that is included with the bot.

    I was saying it doesn't need to click to attack each monster (which it currently does). It should just sit there and let the monsters aggro to you.

    If it needed to click each monster there wouldn't be a need for the reset spot.

    edit: didn't realize you commissioned this bot. Guess I shouldn't be interfering with its development in that case.
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  10. Enable "Show ability cooldowns" and use Revolution.
    If you're botting you might as well be more aggressive.

    Bot thread is here:

    I would prefer users use the bot thread, since I get a notification every time someone replies to it.
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  11. Thank you for sponsoring this <3
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