RS3 Abyss Runecrafting Bot (Fufilled)

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by awesome123man, Jul 15, 2016.


Need a new one?

  1. Yes

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  2. No, the bots already do this well enough

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  3. No

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  1. Hey guys! I am deciding on whether to make this bot, depending on the results from the poll and the feedback I will determine if it is something i should make as my main project. :D
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  2. yes we need another one. any money making runecrafting bot
  3. Seems like only Aria has a bot that does this, and from the comments it's slow like the portables one.
    Go for it, why not? :D
  4. No, work on osrs bots. Need more.
  5. I can make this compatible with osrs after release? Would that be ok?
  6. Make this would be awesome
  7. Well if it can work for both osrs and rs3 then go for it!
  8. That would most likely be added after the rs3 version is done
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  9. Nice ideia! Can't wait for botting on natures! :D
  10. @awesome123man hey dude, hows this looking? i kinda need an abyss runecrafter atm and was wondering if u have put this into work yet :D since the current one thats premium hasnt been updated for a while and i dont feel like putting $$ in my wallet to try it out ;)
  11. Yes i am, currently only an rs3 version, but i was doing some more work last night. I have everything pretty much done except for the outer ring of the abyss... I am still trying to get the player to walk to the obstacle fast enough to not die :D
    Problem is the account i am using to test is 25 def :D
  12. ah k, how is the pouch support? will it fix pouches that broke? only through lunar book?
  13. I havent gotten around to pouches... I was going to add that once i get the abyss and walking down. Should be the easy part :p
  14. Thats ok :) i was just wondering :p
  15. @Dryrr would you or someone else wanting this bot for rs3 lend me an account to test the abyss on? My current player is level 30 cb and dies before he can mine the rocks :(
  16. i only have 54 defence :/ i could rush it to 80 or so but my HP is also quite low, like 40 ish
  17. nvm, @janharmveenstra hooked me up
    --- Double Post Merged, Aug 2, 2016, Original Post Date: Aug 2, 2016 ---
    @Dryrr and Anyone else

    RS3 version of Abyss Runecrafting Dawg has been pushed and is pending release :D

    Features -v

    -Withdraws pure essence from bank
    -Walks and teleports with mage
    -Mines/Burns/Distracts/Squeezes-through obstacles chosen by user
    -Enters altar chosen by user
    -Imbues runes and repeats
    -May use rune pouches, though they are probably seriously bugged :p
    -New feature requests and bug reports will be needed :D
    -This bot is in beta, so it is slow and may cause death
    -Do not start this bot with armour you are willing to lose/pouches you are willing to lose until you know that it wont kill you
    --- Double Post Merged, Aug 2, 2016 ---
    Holy crap, @SlashnHax just release bot :D
    Abyss Runecrafting Dawg(Beta)
    --- Double Post Merged, Aug 5, 2016 ---
    Hey, i was going to attempt to add osrs support for this bot, but i am asking someone to send me a video of how they would do a run, so i can see when they teleport and how (Glory.... or other) and if the inside of the abyss is exactly the same as in rs3. If it is then it will be easy to add osrs support
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  18. Anxious for testing! Some idea to make rune poches a main feature? I'll post my results here early.
  19. @Joseph Monnin Osrs support has been nearly finished! I need an opinion however, do most abyss runecrafters on osrs need to eat food in between runs? That is the only thing i havent added, but the bot works well with everything :D

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